Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's play catch. Up.

Ruby's latest obsession is Jesus. She sees a picture of him and starts yelling "Jesuuuuh" or "Jeejeee". We have the gospel art kit and she likes to carry the pictures around. In this picure Nick is showing her one of her favorites--Jesus and the fishermen. She loves to point to Jesus and especially the boat. She yells "Boat! Boat! Boat!" It's pretty dang cute.

Looking out the window, probably trying to see Daddy outside.

the "Blue House" is finished! Nick has been working on this house for about a year now. He did a great job! 2,800 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, granite counter tops and nice finishes.

Nick & I went to see Wicked in Seattle with his mom & brother.
FABULOUS. I have been loving the music for quite a while, so it was great to finally see how the whole story played out. Such a good time.

I ran the Leavenworth 1/2 Marathon two weeks ago. This was my third 1/2 I've done and this was probably the best experience yet! I've been training since July and I've done all my running alone this time. I always enjoy having an event to train for to give me a little extra motivation in my diet/workouts. And with the help of Van Halen and Miley Cyrus (just to name a few), I got 'er done. You can ask me about my killer playlist later. Pretty sweet, I must admit.
New this time were my sexy spandex shorts. Oh wait. Not by any means flattering, but super comfy and they got rid of a lot of wedgy picking/inner-thigh adjusting. Definitely a case of function instead of fashion.

Ruby & I before the race

Ruby likes to help me in the kitchen. She helped me make Snickerdoodles for Uncle Jer's birthday. Isn't she the cutest little helper?

My dear friend Jennifer Vance & I before she moved back to Utah. What a dish, that Jennifer. (I call her Vance.) We met in my first advertising class at BYU in '03, but our friendship didn't really bloom until the fall of '04. We had pretty much every class together and laughed ourselves silly. Love her. She's from the Seattle area and moved back up here about 6 months ago. It was so nice having her close (well, 2.5 hrs away is close enough)! She just moved back to Utah a month ago, so before she left, we had one final shopping trip/girl's day together. And I finally got to meet Holls after all this time! Vance-- love you, miss you.

it's pretty common to find Ruby walking around the house with some kind of comb, pick or brush in her hand/hair
One of Ruby's favorite pasttimes--sitting in the laundry basket.

All summer long Ruby was obsessed with her swimming suits. Toward the end of the summer she would see them and say "Shim?" then she'd carry it around all day. Or in this case, insist that we put it on her. She would walk around so pleased with herself and excitedly say, "Shim! Shim! Shim!"

Another swimsuit/pajama occurrence (looks like a singlet)

Side/back view

One of our last boat rides of the summer

The day Ruby and I went to the County Fair in Cashmere, WA. It was the first official pig tail day for her and she looked SO cute. The Fair was a total flashback, as I used to enter various cookies, pajama pants, items from the garden, etc. in our county fair. They had all sorts of animals. Ruby was terrified of the pigs (they're not as small as they are in her books!) but loved the horses and bunnies, chickens and goats.

A cute picture I found of Ruby, holding still for the camera AND actually smiling!