Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas a few days late...

Yay! Christmas is finally over! Don't get me wrong-- I LOOOVVVEEE me some Christmas. But I am so relieved that it's over so I can semi relax. December has been one crazy month--especially the last two weeks. First was Sarah's passing (this is a whole other post) and a 15+ hour drive to Utah for the family memorial service and burial, 15+ hour drive back, friends coming to stay, Christmas shopping (that really didn't begin or finish until about December 23), vomiting all night, and trying to finish projects, projects, projects!

My BIG project this year was Christmas stockings. You're saying, "Big project???" Yes. They were extremely time consuming, but all worth it. I wanted to make three, but only finished two. Good thing Ruby doesn't know better so she wasn't disappointed. These puppies got finished just minutes before Christmas Eve dinner. It was a close one.

(Notice the fabulous velvet Ric Rac ribbon on the top)

My Mom told me I should make some more and sell them next year for Christmas. NOT gonna happen for a few reasons. (1) They take wayyyy too much time, so to make it worth my while they would end up selling for at least $50 each. I wouldn't pay $50 for a stocking, would you ? (2) By the time I finish them I'm so giddy and want to just stare at them all day. I think they are Carrie originals and sticking in the fam. If you like them, maybe you can bribe my kids some day to hand them over. But good luck. This may be the only thing they get when I die.

Then there were the Christmas jammies! It's a Christmas Eve tradition in the Giles fam to open new jammies (usually sewn by Rita herself...sometimes complete with slippers!) so I made pj pants for myself and Nick. Too bad the "ho ho ho" on the front was upside down. Oops... Grandma Giles sent Ruby her Christmas jammies.

Christmas Eve at Nick's Uncle Greg & Aunt Cheryl's house for dinner

Ruby with Daddy flashing her "Merry Christmas" smile
(Notice her top 3 teeth? That makes 5 total!)

Then there were the projects like a table runner, an apron for a friend, a wreath that didn't even get started, and just general holiday decor like these chair wreaths and bows. My color scheme was red & gold this year.

This year Christmas was a blast with Ruby. We saved all the wrapping paper from our gifts and put it in a big pile in the middle of the floor. She went to town. So cute.

She also learned how to clap on Christmas! I still can't get enough.

We bought Rockband 2 for Nick's family for Christmas. We figured this would be hilarious for everyone to rock out. And we women in the Warner family don't hate the Xbox anymore. But only because we are amazing at this game. My personal favorite is the drums, but I also had a blast doing vocals for Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." You will have to imagine this because thankfully, I have no photo documentation.

Hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sarah's Passing

Sarah Adleen Giles, our little princess and beloved daughter, granddaughter, niece and friend, passed away in the arms of her father and mother on December 9, 2008 after a short battle with brain cancer. Sarah was born on January 16, 2006 in Austin, Texas to Brian and Christine Butler Giles. Sarah’s cheerful and affectionate disposition, her friendly, outgoing and playful spirit, her kind, sensitive and patient soul have brightened our lives. Sarah enjoyed baking cookies, singing, picking flowers, feeding the ducks, swinging, coloring pictures, playing dress-up, swimming, reading books and taking walks. Sarah especially enjoyed playing with her older sister and brother and kissing her baby sister. It has been our privilege to have her in our family, even if for such a short time. We have been greatly blessed to live with such a noble spirit. Sarah is survived by her parents, her brother Nathan, her sisters Maren and Caroline, her grandparents Don and Renee Butler of Provo, Utah, Rita and Bill Tanner and the late Kirby Giles of Fillmore, Utah, five aunts, three uncles and many cousins and friends.

A Viewing will be held in Provo, Utah on Monday, December 15, at the Edgemont 21st Ward Building (2900 North Timpview Drive, Provo, Utah 84604) from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. Interment will be at the Provo City Cemetery.

Thursday, December 4, 2008