Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Houston Highlights

In the Seattle Airport waiting for our flight to leave to Houston. Ruby had just eaten and Nick was playing with her over his head. This was the result. I laughed so hard and immediately got out the camera. It was about time she puked on someone besides me.

"What? Did I do something?"

One of the days all of the guys went to the Texas Longhorns football game in Austin while we girls stayed and played with Caroline, Sarah and Maren.

Sweet Caroline (bah bah bah) in her blessing dress and headband made by yours truly. Isn't she beautiful? And I can't even describe what an angelic baby Caroline is. I think I heard her cry once the entire time we were there. And that was for about .5 seconds. She is so sweet! She just hangs out and falls asleep without making a peep. What a blessing she is! And her siblings ADORE her. Especially Sarah.

Maren, Sarah and Nathan cruising around in their new motorized truck Grandpa Butler gave them. Sarah has a hard time getting around, so this allows her to have some adventure. Look at the neighbor kid. He totally wants a ride. About this time this kid's sister began to ask me a series of questions about Ruby.

"What his name?"
"HER name is Ruby."
"He like Hannah Montana?"
"No... SHE is still too young to know Hanna Montana."
"He like High School Musical 3 and stuff?"
"Not quite yet. SHE'S just a baby."
"Oh. Cool. Can I ride in Nathan's car?"

An exciting moment! This is the first time Ruby really sat up by herself without falling backwards. She's so proud of herself.

Me and the wee one.

Ruby and Uncle Greg. Tell me that this isn't the CUTEST picture you've ever seen. I dare you. Ruby had been a little clingy on the trip due to the fact that she hadn't seen any of my family in a while. But the minute she saw Bart & Greg sitting in the row behind us at church she was ALL smiles. She was giggling and smiling and just LOVING them. She even let them hold her. Here Greg is reading her stories and she couldn't get enough.

Grandma Giles & Ruby right before Mom flew back home to UT. Too bad Mom's eyes are closed, but no surprise. That's just how it works. It was so cute--when she (my mom) was about to leave, she waved bye-bye to Ruby and she waved back! I'm glad that she got to see one of Ruby's first, since we don't get to see her very often! Ruby has been waving at everyone ever since. We'll go to Costco or somewhere and she just waves and waves and waves!

Sarah holding her baby sister Caroline. Such a proud big sis!

From the minute Sarah first saw Ruby up until we left, she wanted to do everything with Ruby. She loved handing her toys, tickling her belly, swinging, and most of all--holding her. She'd look up at me so sweetly and ask, "I hold her?" "I hold Baby Ruby?" It was the most precious thing in the world. Sarah always wanted Ruby to be by her. During Sacrament Meeting on Caroline's blessing day, Sarah traveled back and forth between rows so she could come and "sit by Ruby" "hold Ruby" and hand Ruby toys.

Sarah kissing Ruby's little hand.

This picture is definitely my favorite. Ruby and Sarah both are just so happy. I promised Sarah I would send her some pictures of her with Ruby. This one is going in a frame.

Ruby chillin with the remote in our hotel room.

Sarah holding Ruby one last time before we left to come home.

Before we flew out, we stopped by Brian & Christine's house to say goodbye. Sarah wanted to swing with Baby Ruby, so we went outside and strapped the girls in. It was a beautiful day-- sun shining, a little breeze in the air. I looked over at Sarah. The sun was hitting her beautiful little face just perfectly. Her hair was blowing a little in the breeze as she went higher and higher. She was laughing and having the best time. At that moment my eyes filled with tears. I really felt the love of our Savior. And especially the love He has for little Sarah. How He really does have a plan for her-- which, sadly for us, does not mean a long earth experience. How she will be missed. She adds so much silliness, love, joy and light to the world.

When we told Sarah we had to leave, she didn't want us to go. I say us, but really Baby Ruby. She said, "No...watch Chip N' Dales with me." I about lost it. I had to leave the room. The lump in my throat was getting exponentially larger by the second.

I cried the entire way to the airport. I didn't want to leave her. Our fun had just begun! I didn't want to accept that it would most likely be the last time we would spend time with her here on earth. However, I felt so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be in her presence for a few days.

Life Lessons I learned from Sarah :
  1. Find joy of the simple things in life.
  2. Stay cheerful through adversity.
  3. Keep trying, even if my body doesn't do what I want it to do.
  4. Pure Christlike love for everyone.
  5. How much the "little things" mean to people.
A couple more memorable moments:
I loved pulling her in the wagon to go pick flowers for her mom. When she saw THE ONES, I'd stop the wagon, lift her out and then we'd pick as many as she could fit in her hand. She got so excited to give them to her mom--she'd immediately start walking as fast as she could with her flower-filled-hand outstretched.

I can't even explain how tender it was to see how much Sarah loved Ruby. Her face lit up when she saw her. Christine said she talked about her nonstop when we weren't there. Ruby loved being with Sarah too. They had a special connection.

Occasionally Sarah would get tired and a little upset. Remedy: her daddy. She is Daddy's little girl. It was so sweet to watch him with her. He would sit her on his lap and tell her stories and make her giggle. She was totally fine after that!

Thanks again, Brian & Christine for such a wonderful time. We will never forget the sweet memories! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you! You all are amazing.

Love Aunt Carrie #2

Saturday, November 1, 2008

...And we're back

Holy blog neglect, Batman. I have an explanation, I do. It rhymes with cash (which is quite fitting because it cost A LOT to get fixed). CRASH. Yep. Our computer crashed. It was a sad day. Luckily they were able to recover all of our precious photos of Ruby and now I have a brain to NOT save them all to my computer. Anywho... then we headed to Houston, Texas, to visit Brian & Christine for a few days. So that's where we have been.

I've got lots of pictures to post from our trip, but I'll just post a few until I get some more time. It was a great trip! The boys got some Man-cation time with lots of meat and Texas football, and I got time with my sweet nieces and Mom and sister-in-law Christine!

Ruby enjoying her first swing experience

Maren, Ruby and Sarah swinging. Ruby loved being with her cousins!

Sweet Sarah picking flowers for her Mama. There is even a little spot in her wagon to put them until they can officially be put in water. Sarah is the most precious thoughtful little girl.