Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby turned 1 on March 16! I really can't believe I have a one-year-old. But I must say--I'm glad I'm on this end instead of the newborn phase. As sweet as she was, I try and forget many things that happened those first couple of months. :)

The Birthday Girl and her balloons

We threw a flower theme party for Ruby complete with a daisy cake, pom pom flower decorations and some tulips and mini calla lilies. Grandma Warner, Aunt Mattie and Uncle Jeremy came, along with cousins Stacia, Brielle, Sicily, Monique, Byron and Bentley. We ate cake, opened presents, ate pizza and played games.

And of course the Birthday Girl had
to have a birthday outfit to go along with the party theme.

Me and The Rubes. My favorite Birthday Girl!

Ruby's flower birthday cake with jelly beans in the middle.
(Don't look too closely now... it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted,
but luckily there were no Wilton cake nazis at the party.)

Flowers, daisy cake, sweet tart jelly beans and robin's eggs. Mmmm

Ruby's most original gift-- a Red Bull. Jared gave it to her in a paper sack that read something like, "Ruby, may you always have the energy to have fun." We all got a good laugh. And Mom--before you have a heart attack, NO we did not let Ruby drink it.

Darling Cousin Jared with Sicily (his sister Stacia's little girl who is Ruby's age). He's single, ladies. Isn't he cute?

Ruby on her new set of wheels from Grandma Warner.
It's a Dora princess castle car that plays all kinds of songs
and has things that move and light up. Ruby LOVES it.
She only knows how to go backwards, but she's pretty fast.

Cousin Brielle pushing Ruby around in her new car
(Brielle also belongs to Stacia)

Ruby opening her present from Grandma Giles-- a cute stuffed bunny, book an adorable pink polka dot dress and lady bug outfit. Thanks Mom! She loved it!

Family Birthday-ness.

Dug her hands right in.

Quite the mouth full

Having fun in the frosting

"I'm one, Mom. And this cake is making me thirsty. "

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's talk hair.

So. The idea of cutting my hair has been on my mind for a year now, and I think I'm ready. Hair choppage is a big step for me. Not only would I be cutting a the length of Ruby's arm off my hair, but am I ready for the commitment? I'm talking $$, hair product, hair tools, actually styling it every day (instead of having the luxury of putting it in a ponytail on day 3 between washings).

Spring is almost here. It's starting to get warm, I'm breaking out the capris (which are fitting much better this year than last, thankfully...) and could use some sass in the hair department, as my hair is the same as it was when I was 18. I enjoyed short hair for a few years, but I don't just want to go back to that same style. And it's probably not in style anymore. This is where all you hair savvy divas come in. What are some cute hair styles that would look good on me? I would love any and all input you have.

I do have some rules: not a ton of layers--esp ones that are super short. I need to at least pull part of it up for sweat time at the gym. Preferrably styles no shorter than the middle of my neck.

What about something like this?

I'm loving the sweep bangage.

or possibly this...

This is pretty short though, I don't know If I could pull it off. Maybe a slightly longer version?

Ahhh Gwyneth. She always has great hair. I like the length, but kinda want bangs. Otherwise I tuck.

Pretty sure Nicole's hair is round brushed, which I refuse to do. Takes too much coordination and time. I'm a straightener type of girl. But I like her bangs a lot.

This is pretty basic bob.

Or should I go the safe route and just get some side bangs?

Oh and while I'm at it, I need your advice on can't-live-without hair products (yummy smelling is always a plus). Root lifters, pommade, wax, etc. PLUS flat irons-- which are the best? And is it better to have a 1" or 2"? Where are good places to buy them for less than $100?

Can't wait for your feedback. If you come across any other images of cute hair, please send them my way. Meanwhile I'll be obsessing about new hair. I hope I can get something productive done, like say painting my toe nails.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zap me some Zappos.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Zappos? If you have never ordered shoes from them, you must. Their prices are great and they offer FREE shipping both ways. But the best part is that you seriously get your order so fast--I'm talking within a day or two, instead of a week or two like many other companies. Their customer service is awesome. So refreshing. I just ordered these little wonders for my Ruby. I can't wait to put them on her piggies. They are going to be smashing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barbie Phone Reincarnated

Pink Barbie Phone should be happy with herself. She died and came back looking better than ever! How happy she must be in her new skin-- shiny, thin, sleek, and no bulges. Far better ring tones, an internal antenna and more chic all around. Here's to many upcoming adventures, Pink Barbie Phone. I hope that you are strong enough mentally to withstand Ruby's grip--because once she finds out the "old you" doesn't work anymore, she's going to want you. Really bad.