Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smelly Bum

I have NEVER heard Ruby laugh this hard. It was so funny. I guess the face I pulled when I told her that her diaper was SMELLLLLLY was the funniest thing ever. She had been laughing like this or even harder for 5 minutes or so BEFORE I even got the camera out. At times I thought she was in pain or crying, but nope--just laughing her pants off.

Blowing Bubbles

Here is Ruby eating her shoes and discovering that she can blow bubbles! It's really cute and it makes me laugh until she starts doing it with food in her mouth...what a mess! (Sorry about the shakiness... I don't know what my deal was. Oops!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Deliciousness

For as long as I can remember, my mom made pumpkin pie every October General Conference. Since we now live outside of Utah, I decided that it was my turn to carry on the tradition. It was my very first time making homemade pie crust and the pumpkin pie filling! I don't know that it tasted as good as my mom's pumpkin pie, but it was pretty tasty. My next goal: make the pie crust look pretty! That's going to take some practice, I'm afraid.

And now to the tastiest item on the conference menu... little Miss Ruby! Today she sported some of her fall clothes complete with my new favorite baby item: Baby Legs. They are fabulous! Baby leg warmers that act as tights but make diaper changing a breeze. And for some reason they look so much cuter than regular tights. All of you out there with baby girls must purchase a pair.

As much as I LOVE pumpkin pie, I must say that this little girl is dessert enough for me! (Notice tooth #2?)