Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 60th Dad!

This is my Dad. Kirby Lee Giles. Many of you have probably never met him. (What a shame.)
This may even be the first picture you have seen of him. (Aren't his glasses SWEET?)

Dad was born April 26, 1949, which would make him the big 60 today!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish we could throw a huge embarrassing party for you.

Dad passed away 9 1/2 years ago after a six-month battle with cancer. Boy, do I miss him.
Let me tell you a few things about him:

He loved music.
He taught piano lessons for 25+ years.
He played the piano beautifully.
He made a mean Christmas morning breakfast.
He always had a Little Debbie's stash hidden somewhere (we always found it).
He could have been mistaken for a member of the FBI or bodyguard when he was outside because his glasses turned into sunglasses.
He loved learning.
He taught 6th grade.
He didn't get his wisdom teeth removed until he was 40-something.
He served his mission in Japan and was passionate about the people and culture.
He wrote great letters.
He would be the GREATEST grandpa in the world.
He had an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ.
He was such an example of good.
He led in his own quiet way.

He loved leftovers--sometimes to the point of:
"Dad. That looks disgusting. We ate that like 2 weeks ago."
"Oh hush. It's fine. " hehe

He drove slow.
He loved my mom dearly.
He worked hard and never gave up.
He had a flat bum and his pants had a hard time staying up. Especially in the summer when he worked outside in the yard a lot.
He told corny jokes.
He was frugal.
He had really white legs.
He was thoughtful.
He expected us kids to always do our best.
He snored.
He loved traveling new places.
He loved the arts. He was always taking our families to plays, etc.
He was the best dad I could've asked for.

He would've LOVED playing with all the grand kids. I know before he passed away, when asked if he had any regrets, he only replied, "That I won't live to be a Grandpa." He has soon-to-be 13 grandchildren, and it will be up to 14 this summer. I'm glad that Dad & Sarah can keep each other company until the rest of us can join the party.

The other night I dreamed that Dad was alive again (I dream that on a regular basis) and that we got to catch up on life. I couldn't wait to have him meet Ruby and have him see how she's grown and have them play together. But then he had to go again. It was horrible.
It kills me that he doesn't get to play with Ruby and see all the cute things she does.

I hope I can always keep his memory alive. I have the responsibility to teach my kids about Grandpa Giles. If Dad were still here, ah the things we would talk about. His growing up on a farm. His parents. Parenting. Life. Everything that I wasn't super interested in as a 17 year old.
I can't wait to catch up on life. And to give him the biggest hug in the world.

Happy Birthday Dad. Hope it was great. We miss you.


Jennifer said...

Yep. Crying.

He seems like a very sweet man. Good thing he left such a great posterity....he left his mark on the world.

Love ya Cares.

House of Hullinger said...

Carrie I love that. My Dad died one year after Roger and I got married and he barely knew that I was pregnant with Hunter. I always regret that My kids never knew him and I often think about how much he would have loved my kids. They think that they knew him and I love that. Way to go on keeping his memory alive. I know Korinne will love this.

Jen said...

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing man! Carrie I truly loved your dad, he was one of the most talented guys I know. To me, the production of the "Messiah" will the same without your dad. I will forever remember your dad and the wonderful memories he left behind!

M-Ware said...

Ok, NO FAIR. That made me cry. I haven't seen a picture of Uncle Kirb in far too long; I had forgotten what he looked like. I can imagine him with that belt trying to keep his pants up while gardening or changing the water on the lawn, though, just like it were yesterday. I love that you are keeping his spirit alive and reminding us that he lives on. He and my mom are some of the most unique Crayons in the box - irreplaceable. We love you, Kirb!!!

The Harris's said...

Happy Birthday Kirby, Carrie I remember all the funny times with your dad, what a great teacher he was to all. He is making a great grandpa to sarah and I am sure he can't wait to see his family again especially his sweet wife "RITA LOINE GOTTA" rita the cat..... LOVE YA

Annette said...

What beautiful memories. I'm glad to get to know him a little. I know he has a great daughter that he would be proud of. By the way, I love the hair.

Ang said...

Carrie, your dad was such a great man. I have to say it's great to see a picture of him again. He was all of those things and more! What a great family he has. Take care. -Angeline

Unknown said...

Carrie, that was a great post. Thank you for writing it, it makes me realize that I need to be thankful for what I have you and your fam are amazing. I still remember your dad as a teacher and learning Japanese. He's a great guy.

Rita said...

How sweet to remember your dad in that way. He was a great man and he loved you very much. I remember how he loved showing you off. One time in church, you fell asleep on his shoulder and it was time for the choir to sing. He walked right up there with you on his shoulder and sang in the choir. You didn't even wake up.
Everyone around me mentioned how tender it was to see the love your dad had for you.
Love, MOM

The Lapuaho's said...

Carrie, That was so sweet and what a great reminder to us all of what a great man your dad was. He was my favorite piano teacher even though I hated to practice!

monkeystevens said...

Hey Carrie-
I hope you don't mind: Jen B (forever to me Jen G) sent me her blog and I saw you on it and wanted to say hello. I read everything about your dad; it made me cry...I still refer to your mom as Rita Giles: I guess when you grow up your whole life in someone's ward,and they are your piano teacher for several years and they teach you in school you don't give up on their names very easily. I hope things are going well for you. I recently had my first- a little boy named Mason- a couple weeks ago. Anyway- thanks for letting me steal some space. :)

Marcie said...

Carrie, What a tender post. I can see how you are so amazing and fun loving. You most have a lot in common with you dad. MIss ya!

Christine said...

Dear Carrie,

That was a beautiful tribute to your dear father. I miss him too! I know he is much more apart of our lives then we realize. I'm certain he knows that sweet Ruby so well and admires the way you love and care for your family. Thank you for keeping his memory alive for all of us. He was remarkable man who is so loved by his family. I am grateful that certain traits and gifts he had have been passed along to his children and grandchildren. Won't it be an incredible, wonderful, perfect moment when we are once again together as a family...never to be seperated again! Let's hope this happens sooner than later.
Sure love you!


The Risdons said...

What a great post. He must have been great because you are:-)

Marcae said...

I miss Kirb too. He was the world's greatest piano teacher. I sure thought of some great memories of him as I spent some time at the Cemetery this past weekend and strolling past his grave site. After reading your post, I was laughing and crying at the same time because you described him in a way that I remember him.

Happy Birthday Kirby!

P.S. Sure am looking forward to seeing you guys in July. Have you checked out Anthropologie lately?? supe cute stuff!