Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Photos

While in Fillmore for July 4th, our good friend's wife, Kirstin Roper, took our family photos. She did an amazing job! Here are some of my favorites of the whole clan...

Giles Grandkids

Ruby will pass on this experience...

Layni & Lincoln

Ben, David & Nathan

Some of the girl cousins: Anna, Layni, Evelyn, Maren & Brooke

Grandma Giles and the granddaughters

My brother, Brian's family
Brian, Christine, Nathan, Caroline, Maren

My sister, Melinda's family
starting L to R with Jake (the redhead), Ben, Scott, David, Melinda, Evelyn.

My brother, Bart's kids
L to R: Brooke & Anna

My brother, Greg's family
Baby Lincoln & Layni, Greg & Kristen (making out in the background)

Our family photo shoot (mostly of Ruby, thankfully)


Mackey Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is just way too adorable!! I love love love her dress!!! You guys look great too of course! Next time you are around we gotta get together!!

The Risdons said...

cute cute. It's about time you update your freaking blog!

M-Ware said...

oh. my. goodness. those were cute. great summary of the 4th, too. i needed that.

Allan said...

Car, I've really been itchin to talk to you. I LOVE those photos of Ruby. Wow, and I adore both of her little outfits. The ruffles and the roses!! Ah!
And how old is Lincoln?! He's super cute.
Marth told me that you're her go-to baby-sleeping mentor, and I'd love to get in on that action. I feel like I spent all of my energy on getting Josie to sleep well, that I'm worthless now. I can't seem to hunker down and get Merritt to sleep through the night. And I'm scared to put him in the same room with Jo. I know it will work out, but...I'm lazy/scared.
not allan

House of Hullinger said...

Looks like you had so much fun. Never take for granted the fact that your kids have cousins their own age. It makes every get together so much more fun.
Those Darn Hullinger BOYS!

The Harris's said...

Oh my gosh it is about time you update this page.... Those pictures turned out really cute. Ruby is so stinkin cute....

Giving In Blogger said...

I LOVE HER DRESS!! You should have more kids. You make 'em cute!

Christine said...

What a fun family reunion. I'm so glad we came home with such great pictures of our time together. It was fun to read your post on all that we did together. As the Giles' say, "Good times!"

deize said...

oh my goodnss!!