Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Ladybug

Ruby's first real Halloween as a Ladybug!

I made her this red tutu with black pom poms for polka dots.
(It will fit her until she's about 15.)
I made the wings & hair clips too.

Back view of the cute little bug
Trying to catch up to the kids!

The awesome glow necklace...

Daddy has a cute bum

After we got home, Daddy was nice and gave her a few pieces of "his candy."

Loving some Peanut M&M's

Next year I'll have to teach her how to be a little more aggressive. By the time she got up to one lady's door, all she had left were quarters. :)


Giving In Blogger said...

How adorable! I wish we could have seen her in person! You did a great job with the costume!

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely adorable in that outfit Carrie! Great job on the wings and hair clips. So cute!

Annette said...

So cute! We can't wait to see her in person. Gary doesn't work Wednesday, so that morning would be great (and Tuesday night would still work, also)

Christine said...

What an adorable costume! Very well made Carrie. She looks simply delicious in red. Cute wings and hair piece. What a fun night for your family.

monkeystevens said...

Hey Carrie! Ruby has got some gorgeous olive skin! What a beautiful girl. I love the costume; you are very talented. haha- So I finally made a blog. I hope it's ok, I got yours off of Lindsay's. It's if you ever want to check it out. Oh, this is Amanda from Fillmore by the way. haha

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