Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Wrap Up

So here are a few things we did this fall.

1. Ruby became ULTRA obsessed with Disney Princesses. We got her this Belle dress to wear for Halloween, but she insisted on wearing it all day, every day, the month prior.

 This shows just how happy she is to be a princess

 2. We went on some hikes

Ruby and Daddy overlooking Wenatchee
 Ruby and Mommy overlooking more of the Columbia

 3. Nick & I celebrated (late) our 5th wedding anniversary in Victoria, B.C. 

The front of one of the sweet castles we saw in Victoria, the Craigdarroch Castle 

The back of the Craigdarroch Castle
 The Hatley Castle on the grounds of Hatley Park

 Kissy Kissy

Some of the gardens in the back of Hatley Castle

Back of Hatley Castle

4. Visited my mom & Bill when they came up to a time share at Birch Bay, WA

 Bill, Ruby, my Mom
We went to a cute little craft fair/antique show, visited some marinas and toured a few yachts (Nick's favorite) and Ruby got some Grandma Giles time in. Not enough, but some. :) Grandma read her story after story, took her potty (she wouldn't let me. Only Grandma), and made cards.

5. Then Nick flew to IL for some work training and I talked my cousin, Martha, into coming to stay with me for a few days. Bless her. She really helped the time go by!

 We took the girls to Smallwoods, near Leavenworth, where they had a cute little pumpkin patch and all kinds of kid Halloween activities. Ruby obviously loved this huge tub of balls.

 Ruby checking out the pumpkins

 She really liked the ones with "warts" because they looked like "a mean witch."

 Posing with the pumpkins
 Not wanting to take a picture with Mommy

Martha & Sienna
Run like the wind with a wagon

6. Then came Halloween. Ruby wore her prize possession- the Belle Dress. Complete with high heels. Luckily with Halloween on a Sunday this year, we didn't have to go trick-or-treating. Instead, our ward had an awesome trunk-or-treat.

Ruby's friend Bailey (Minnie Mouse) and Princess Belle at the Halloween party

 Ruby's attempt at smiling for a picture with me

Daddy ("The Pwince") and Ruby trunk-or-treating next to a huge blow up "mean witch."

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