Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lashes & Legs

Oh Ruby. If you only knew how many girls are going to hate on you because of your eyelashes. I swear they just keep getting thicker and blacker and longer! Lucky girl! People are always commenting on them, and I have to admit-- I think they're pretty awesome. I'm jealous.

I finally got a picture of Ruby with her ankles crossed. She ALWAYS has them crossed--bath time, eating playing, you name it. She is our proper little lady.


Dan said...

Carrie Ann, you have the most gorgeous leetle one. I bet she would even look good in the spandex suit.

Lisa & Randy said...

Hey Carrie! You have the cutest little girl. It looks like things are going well for u.

Giving In Blogger said...

What are you talking about jealousy? Where do you think she got those eyelashes -- her mom!

Lindsey from The R House said...

i CANNOT believe how big she is getting. i am so glad that you have the whole blog thing going on right now or else i would NEVER know what you are up to.

beautiful photos too. i am so proud of you, you little blogger, you.