Thursday, August 14, 2008

What the Equestrian?

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Equestrian is the most RANDOM Olympic sport? I turned on the Olympics the other day to find a woman (who looked like a man) sitting on her horse in one of these funny little outfits and the horse was just walking. No jumping, no tricks... just walking in a half-circle. Oh, but then it got exciting--the CANTER. I think that Jerry Seinfeld's "swimming and strangle-a-guy" fits in the Summer Olympics much more than Equestrian. Plus, maybe then we'd get to see Michael Phelps win another gold medal.


M-Ware said...

the women's 10 meter air pistol is also right up there. who knew?

still giddy about your entrance into the blogosphere. i will try to call you this weekend to talk about 'other things.'

Mackey Family said...

Does the horse get the medal? Crazy! Fun Blog! Hope life is treating you well!

Kristin said...

There are a few sports in the olympics that you wonder how they became a sport. MacKinlay and I were confused the other day when we were watching some track and field events and the last hurdle was had water on the other side.