Friday, July 24, 2009

The rest of June...

...consisted of:

1. Ruby standing, complete with Jazz Hands.
2. Ruby drinking from the pool

Dipping her hand in

Licking her hand

So proud and pleased with herself

3. Ruby discovering the hose

4. Leading the 1st-year hike at girls camp

matching BYU shirts. Tender

5. Splashing in Lake Chelan

6. Taking care of these delicious little girls

my nieces, Anna (5) and Brooke (3)

7. Hiking with Bart, his girls & Ruby

My brother, Bart; Anna & Brooke; Ruby (in backpack)

Yes, that is a mini CamelBak Anna is wearing. She has some serious wilder cred.

Ruby didn't like the backpack too much, but it was a great hike! Isn't the scenery amazing?

8. Playdough Creations

L to R: Butterfly, Catterpillar (KayLyn), Dragon (Anna), Elephant (Me), Worm
Anna's Dragon definitely won. It was fierce!


M-Ware said...

Ruby is a delicious little chunk. Love her swimsuits. And she's standing!!! I also love the BYU shirt twins.

Allan said...

I just wanna take a bite of her in that little swimsuit shot.
-not Allan

Giving In Blogger said...

We had so much fun with you! Thanks for the good times!

Marcae said...

I love every picture. She definitely is squeezing material:) I especially am thankful for the "oh no" picture in San D. I think someone lied to her and said that she looked good in that ensamble. Wow!

Lindsey from The R House said...

LOL! JAZZ HANDS!! love you!