Friday, July 24, 2009


So let's rewind back to the beginning of June, when the summer fun began! Things were getting a little too crazy around here, so I surprised Nick with a trip to San Diego. We even left Ruby at Grandma Mer's house (gasp!) for 4 days! I hadn't ever been away from her overnight, so I thought I was going to die. But that's another reason I decided to go somewhere that wasn't within driving distance--so I couldn't turn around and come back! Being without Ruby took some getting used to, but Nick & I had a blast together. No strollers. No car seats. Going through security at the airport was bliss. I even brought a magazine to read! As my mom would say, "I didn't know how to act!"

(Ruby minutes before we left for our trip. She was OBSESSED with that hat.)

We flew into John Wayne Airport near Irvine and so we stopped to see cousin Martha & Adam and their new little bundle, Sienna. I had forgotten how tiny newborns really are. And it felt really weird to be without Ruby. I'm pretty sure she's all we talked about.

(me holding Baby Sienna)

(Martha rocking the burp hold)

"Bird" is what they call her. She has so much hair and is darling! A great Martha/Adam mix.

The beauty of the trip was that I didn't really plan anything concrete--I just let Nick decide what sounded fun to him. And the fact that it was about 68 F made our beach decision easy... So we hit up a few other places instead.


We almost found ourselves getting teary at the Shamu "Believe" show. It's amazing what you can do if you just believe... heheheh
I left my brains at the hotel and forgot the sunscreen. We were sitting there and Nick looks down at my knees. "You're going to get REALLY sunburned..." And I did. I still have the sexy knee-short tan line to prove it.

The shows at Sea World were fabulous. Our favorite was called "Cirque de la Mer" where these acrobats in alien-type costumes plunged into the ocean, balanced on eachother's heads did other crazy tricks.

I match the flamingos! I was SO SUNBURNED.
I also forgot how hideous my short hairstyle gets when I go under waterfalls (Shipwreck Rapids ride) and journey to Atlantis. I was a sunburned fro head.

Ride that Manatee!

Our hotel was located in the Gaslamp District, full of restaurants, art galleries and shops. We admired some fabulous art here and almost bought a Steven Quartly original. It was beautiful, but we decided we're not quite ready to start collecting art just yet. It was a fun experience, nonetheless. And to finish off the evening-- Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie sundae. Mmm.

NEXT STOP: Universal Studios

Universal Studios was fun to do once. I don't know that we'll go back. Highlights: Jurassic Park ride, Water World show, and the few Einstein Bagels that were still in our backpack.

Oh wait...
How could I forget this gem?

LAST STOP: San Diego Temple

Isn't this one of the most beautiful temples you've ever seen?
It looks like a fairy tale ice castle or something. It's magnificent!
We were able to do a session and the inside was equally beautiful.
What a great way to end our trip!

We were so excited to get home to see Ruby, but the next morning when I went in her room to get her, she looked at me as if she had no idea who I was. It took her about an hour to warm up to Nick & I (I bet you can guess how much I liked that...) Then she wouldn't let me out of her sight for the next several days. I think she was afraid I was going to leave again!

Goodbye beautiful San Diego. I'm so delighted we chose you to visit. Until next time.


Christine said...

Loved catching up on your summer with all the pictures. I'm certain you are enjoying restful, quiet home once again. Thank you for all your organizational help with the family reunion.

M-Ware said...

Yay, I'm so glad to finally know what you two were up to. I also have some pics to send you - the ones I took of you guys with the Sienna Bird.

House of Hullinger said...

Carrie, your pictures of the lovely girls walking makes me laugh. I took a picture just like that when I went to Universal Studios. Ha Ha Ha

Dan said...

I am loving that shot of Nick on the manatee.

lex said...

Okay... I can hardly stand how cute Ruby is in her navy dress. Great photos! Thanks for making this blog Carrie! I love being able to look at it. LOVE YOU!