Saturday, March 5, 2011

Introducing Lucy!

 Lucy Josephine Warner
born on January 22, 2011 at 12:54 AM
Weight: 6 lbs
Height: 20 inches

Well, as most of you know, she is here! Lucy made her debut on my mom's 60th birthday! I should have known that was the day she would be born... I just figured that even though she was due Jan 23, she'd be fashionably late like her sister! But to my surprise, she was a day early. Labor and delivery went well. I was able to labor mostly at home, and then when I got to the hospital I was at a 5. Once they got the epidural in, things went super fast and with a couple of pushes, she was out! Course, she was just an itty bitty thing, so that definitely helped! She is so beautiful and so calm. We are so thankful she is here safe and healthy!

 Mommy and her girls!

 Proud Daddy

 Our little bundle

 Big sister!

Lucy barely fitting in her newborn size clothes

Grandma Giles, Ruby, Lucy

Our little bundle of Valentine love! (3 weeks old)

Ruby and her little sister

Getting bigger... look at those cheeks and belly! (5 weeks)

A little smile

Bath time! Which Lucy LOVES.

She definitely has some similarities of Ruby as a baby, but she is definitely her own little person. We think she is looking more like my side of the family, but we will have to see. Ruby had lighter skin and blue eyes until she was about 18 months and then she turned olive skinned and brown eyes! So who knows... 


Miriam said...

Care, she's beautiful. I do think she looks more like a Giles. You look so pretty in those birth pictures! My post baby pics are all pretty scary.
I'm dying to call you. I will sometime soon. So wait for it. With bated breath. Jk.
Miss you.

The Thompson Crew said...

Congrats Carrie! Your little girls are ADORABLE! Wish we lived closer so our little guy could date a Warner :)