Monday, June 13, 2011

Lilac Paisley Minky Baby Blanket

Babies, babies babies! It seems like everyone I know has been having babies! I have been busy making blankets and all kinds of fun baby things. I made up a few extra to sell in my my Etsy shop...

This super lush Minky Baby Blanket in Lilac Paisley & Chocolate Brown
A close up on the paisley pattern

These blankets are people's FAVORITES. My girls both have a minky blanket this size and they are so great! Ruby is still super attached to hers. In fact, she's rubbed the corners so much there is a hole in the fabric, which she refers to as "baby blankie's face." She feeds him, he talks, everything. And she hates sleeping without him. Lucy's blanket was the ninja weapon during her fussy weeks as a newborn. I'd wrap her up with it all around her face, stick the binky in and she'd sleep while I held her. They are so great. Perfect size, and super duper snuggly!


Annette said...

I haven't dropped by for a while, and you have been busy! You all look so wonderful, and I love the blankets and headbands you have been making. Give kisses to the girls from us.

Christine said...

Charlotte's loving her lilac paisley minky blanky. Thanks Carrie!!