Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Lucy Love

Being as how I haven't posted any photos of the babe for many moons, here is a little Lucy love.
I have every intention of getting caught up on the last few months! You know how it is... summer is just nuts!
We've had some fun adventures in Utah, Yellowstone, Canada, Seattle, and here at home, so stay tuned! :)

Lucy is almost 7 months! How did that happen?  Here she is in all of her cuteness.
Yesterday we were at a birthday party and my dear friend, Marci, practiced with her new camera. These are the first shots of Lucy that have been taken with a nice camera. All the rest I have of her are just from my basic digital camera. I can't wait to have her do a photo session of the girls and our family! HIRED.  

Lucy is such a smiley, happy baby. She has developed such a fun little personality this summer.

 I just love this baby! She is such a delight to have around!


The Risdons said...

she has chunked up nicely! what a beauty:-)

monkeystevens said...

Wow! She is the epitome of baby cuteness; nice work!

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures Carrie! That Lucy is absolutely beautiful. She and Charlotte have the same amount of hair (a soft fuzz). I love the last photo of you both--so precious!

Teresa said...

She is adorable!