Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Desert Island

Alright. Let's play Desert Island (any Office fans out there?). One item you couldn't live an hour without.


This stuff is magical. A real necessity. I MUST have at least 3 sticks at all times. One in my purse, diaper bag, and a back up if for some reason Nick has used one and I can't locate it. I seriously start having anxiety when I can't find it or run out. I have been known to apply it for probably 30 seconds straight. It tingles. It's smooth. Your lips will never be the same.

What is YOUR item?


Jill Child McGowan said...

Carrie, I think this is our generation's version of Grandma's lipstick obsession. I also have one in each car, the purse and 3 different drawers at the house :)

M-Ware said...

you and adam are the same. i can't stand that stuff but he flips if he misplaces his tube.

i can't live w/o petroleum jelly for my lips. slippery and slidy and pure moisture.

Mackey Family said...

I was getting my Burt's out while your page was loading. I wake up and apply it at night. ADDICTED! I often wonder how many pounds I have eaten over the years. I'm going on my 8th or 9th year of using it. That is one big ball of Burt's.

Heather E. said...

Have you used their radiance day creme? Magic. Also, the headquarters is a mere 15 minutes from my house. I must find out if there's an outlet store.

Lindsey from The R House said...

a yacht.

Kristin said...

Carrie I remember when you would apply your chapstick for a full 30 seconds. Hey you must keep your lips hydrated.