Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Giles!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Here is a little birthday love from Ruby. We love you and hope you have the best day ever!


Love, Carrie, Nick & Ruby


M-Ware said...

happy b-day rita! i can't wait to watch this video!! (can't get enuf of ruby's cheeks.)

Christine said...

Caroline and I just watched the video. She giggled when she saw Ruby and heard her sweet voice. Can't wait for the girls to play together this Summer! What a cutie! I'm sure Rita loved this.

Marcae said...

Little Rub's is too cute. Mia has those same darling jammies. I hope Rita had a great birthday. I hope you guys are coming to Utah to visit soon! Miss you guys!

Jas and Berg said...

Hey There! I am so happy to see your blog...I've tried to stalk you through Stacia's and it would never let me, so I tried again and sure enough, here I am! I am so happy to find you and see your posts. Thanks for letting me. You can feel free to check ours out: but you will find I'm not especially good at posting because all we do is work and sleep and eat. and that is not too interesting for most other people. But when I have this baby, she will take over the blog and then I'll post every day! No, but I know it will be more often and it will all be about her - isn't that what happens? Anyway, we love and miss you all! Berg (and thanks SO MUCH for being so great to Stac - she loves you and I am glad you can be a friend to her while I'm so stinkin' far away!) and this is getting long, so I better stop! :-)

Casey Jackson said...

Happy birthday to Ruby. Wow 1 year old. Carrie you are in trouble if you don't send me your address. I get married feb 27, less than 3 weeks!! Woo Hoo!