Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby turned 1 on March 16! I really can't believe I have a one-year-old. But I must say--I'm glad I'm on this end instead of the newborn phase. As sweet as she was, I try and forget many things that happened those first couple of months. :)

The Birthday Girl and her balloons

We threw a flower theme party for Ruby complete with a daisy cake, pom pom flower decorations and some tulips and mini calla lilies. Grandma Warner, Aunt Mattie and Uncle Jeremy came, along with cousins Stacia, Brielle, Sicily, Monique, Byron and Bentley. We ate cake, opened presents, ate pizza and played games.

And of course the Birthday Girl had
to have a birthday outfit to go along with the party theme.

Me and The Rubes. My favorite Birthday Girl!

Ruby's flower birthday cake with jelly beans in the middle.
(Don't look too closely now... it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted,
but luckily there were no Wilton cake nazis at the party.)

Flowers, daisy cake, sweet tart jelly beans and robin's eggs. Mmmm

Ruby's most original gift-- a Red Bull. Jared gave it to her in a paper sack that read something like, "Ruby, may you always have the energy to have fun." We all got a good laugh. And Mom--before you have a heart attack, NO we did not let Ruby drink it.

Darling Cousin Jared with Sicily (his sister Stacia's little girl who is Ruby's age). He's single, ladies. Isn't he cute?

Ruby on her new set of wheels from Grandma Warner.
It's a Dora princess castle car that plays all kinds of songs
and has things that move and light up. Ruby LOVES it.
She only knows how to go backwards, but she's pretty fast.

Cousin Brielle pushing Ruby around in her new car
(Brielle also belongs to Stacia)

Ruby opening her present from Grandma Giles-- a cute stuffed bunny, book an adorable pink polka dot dress and lady bug outfit. Thanks Mom! She loved it!

Family Birthday-ness.

Dug her hands right in.

Quite the mouth full

Having fun in the frosting

"I'm one, Mom. And this cake is making me thirsty. "


Jennifer said...

*Sigh* Love it, love all of it.

Too bad James wasn't there to videotape the whole event with his camera.

Christine said...

What a fabulous first birthday for sweet Ruby! Everything from her cute outfit to perfect decorations and cake. You are such a good mother who cares about the details, which mean a lot--even to a one year old! Congratulations on making it to 1 year. And girl, You look so good in your jean capris and pink shirt!

Mark and Kristen said...

Yo, tutorial on the tissue paper flowers please.

Heather E. said...

DDDarling. Isn't it so much fun to celebrate every little thing. I wish you'd given Korinne the memo on how birthdays should be special. I'm still trying to forgive her about the blender for my 16th birthday.

M-Ware said...

birthday party thrower extraordinaire, that's you! wow. all of those little details were awesome. and ruby is awesome. can't get enough of her teeth and cheeks.

Giving In Blogger said...

She is so cute! You did an awesome job for making her 1st a good memory. We can't wait to see her and you soon, oh, and I guess Nick too. :)

Lott's of love said...

Ruby is precious! We had such a fun time with you guys that night! Thanks again! Call us whenever you need to kick someone's pants at a game!

Miriam said...

CArrie! Ruby is THE sweetest little doll. Your party flower party looked bloomin' awesome. Your cake looked rico, and your hair looks amazing. I can't believe how long it is, and then I remember it's you, and how you can actually grow out your hair in a year. Ready for a change though, are you? I dig. I loved you with side bangs. Thanks, by the way, for the hair compliment. I didn't do anything new or special, just curled it around the outside of the barrel. And ps, I'm glad you like the blonde too, it was kind of an accident, but I'm digging it now.
Allan applied to grad school up in Seattle. How far away is that from you??

Brittany said...

Oh man what a cute party. i am so impressed with the cake and I can't believe it's already been a year since you guys left. Whoa! Hope things are well with the Warners!

Dan said...

Wowzers, Carrie Ann. I was feeling quite proud of myself for actually icing Max's cake, but you have now put me to shame.

Ruby is such a doll! I would very much like to enter into arranged marriage negotiations with you and Nick. Max could not do better.

Triana Ord said...

You're too amazing!!! I love the pom poms (you must tell me how you did those!) and all the other lovelies you made for Ruby's birthday! And I swear that child gets more and more beautiful every time I look on this blog! Good work lady!

Congrats on making it a year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie!
It seems like it's been forever. Your little girl is so cute! What fun! I'm gonna add your blog to mine so I can keep in touch. Hope life's treating you well. Talk to ya soon!

Marcie Tess said...

So I was at the fabric shop the other day and there was book out with ideas by Allison Jane Smith. It totally reminded me of you. You will have to take a look. I promise you will love it! I wish I could remember the name of the books. One was called frills (I think) and the other had a baby on the cover wearing a onsie with butterfly wings. The baby one was my fav. Take a look let me know what you think. Miss ya!

Jas and Berg said...

Carrie, I have to tell you, I am doing much better on nursing since I got a nipple shield. two words, nipple shield. You would be amazed. No more issues with anything! But I will read the book! Thanks for the compliments, she is precious! Berg