Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's talk hair.

So. The idea of cutting my hair has been on my mind for a year now, and I think I'm ready. Hair choppage is a big step for me. Not only would I be cutting a the length of Ruby's arm off my hair, but am I ready for the commitment? I'm talking $$, hair product, hair tools, actually styling it every day (instead of having the luxury of putting it in a ponytail on day 3 between washings).

Spring is almost here. It's starting to get warm, I'm breaking out the capris (which are fitting much better this year than last, thankfully...) and could use some sass in the hair department, as my hair is the same as it was when I was 18. I enjoyed short hair for a few years, but I don't just want to go back to that same style. And it's probably not in style anymore. This is where all you hair savvy divas come in. What are some cute hair styles that would look good on me? I would love any and all input you have.

I do have some rules: not a ton of layers--esp ones that are super short. I need to at least pull part of it up for sweat time at the gym. Preferrably styles no shorter than the middle of my neck.

What about something like this?

I'm loving the sweep bangage.

or possibly this...

This is pretty short though, I don't know If I could pull it off. Maybe a slightly longer version?

Ahhh Gwyneth. She always has great hair. I like the length, but kinda want bangs. Otherwise I tuck.

Pretty sure Nicole's hair is round brushed, which I refuse to do. Takes too much coordination and time. I'm a straightener type of girl. But I like her bangs a lot.

This is pretty basic bob.

Or should I go the safe route and just get some side bangs?

Oh and while I'm at it, I need your advice on can't-live-without hair products (yummy smelling is always a plus). Root lifters, pommade, wax, etc. PLUS flat irons-- which are the best? And is it better to have a 1" or 2"? Where are good places to buy them for less than $100?

Can't wait for your feedback. If you come across any other images of cute hair, please send them my way. Meanwhile I'll be obsessing about new hair. I hope I can get something productive done, like say painting my toe nails.


Megan said...

Hey Carrie, you little girl is so beautiful! And yes we are still in our same house in orem, and chad is no longer with stock building supply. But things are going well.
I love these pictures of hair, I would love my hair to look like that. But I just have a hard time coloring my hair. I've never have before. And it just seems like alot of cuts need to have color or highlights to make them look right. So mine is boring, but I do have the bangs and I like those. I think you would look great with bangs. And sometimes it's just fun to do a big change and cut it all off. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Me gusta the picture of the mean girl from Laguna Beach (Kristin?). You should do that! I'm sure the hairstylist could modify it to make it a bit longer. Mix it up, baby! It will always grow if you don't like it. I'm thinking about snippity snipping my own hair--my long locks are all up in my grill and I'm sick of 'em. You are beautiful either way, my cares. This is turning into a really long comment. What if we just corresponded to eachother through the comment field in eachother's blogs? Ridiculosity.

Jennifer said...

P.S. Are you also looking into getting a tattoo like Nicole Richie's angel wings? Cause I would advise against that.

Carrie said...

Why yes. I love the angel wings. Nick actually asked that same question when he saw the pics. I laughed. I can't imagine the hairstyle looking as fabulous without the wings. :)

Heather E. said...

I know this is vague, but all of them look great to me. I really like how sleek Gwenyth's length looks, but you should add bangs. Side swooped bangs are a chore in themself (for me anyway) but you can hack them. I was also toying with the idea of a straight forward blunt thick bang for you too? It might be too much of a commitment because you have to continuously cut them. I've also had some success with garnier fructis hair pomade and waxes. They're pretty cheap.

Jill Child McGowan said...

Don't you have thick hair like me? If so none of those styles will work without hours a day (I've tried). You're better off with something that has layers at the bottom. I actually get a lot of ideas off of "What not to wear". It's always hard to find something that works perfectly. I second the garnier products- cheap, smell great and work well.

Annette said...

Carrie, I adore you! You are a woman after my own heart. I love your aprons and your crafts and your food! Your hair will be so cute in any of those cuts. A product I love is Matrix Vavoom. My hair is so fine and it gives it some body.

I'm enclosing this link of an entry on blog about when Matthias and Lexie were here.

We are so glad we have Matt's family as friends. Please come visit when you come down. Love to Nick and Ruby, too.

M-Ware said...

omg. carrie. i think of you every time i see this girl in my stake. she looks like you and her hair is something you could totally pull off. i just found her on facebook and will email you the photos.

as for the celeb photos, i like the top one for you.

on hair product, i'm doing the aussie mega hairspray, biosilk, and dFi medium wax. that's been my routine for a couple years now (minus biosilk until i found it cheap at a flea market - hehe). my flat irons are cheapies from target, i think i've had them both as long as you've known me. sorry, not much help.

but can't wait for your new look! you look great in a sassy blonde bob.

Brenda Stevens said...

My love, I love the looks you have chosen! and by the way yes they still do the promenade at the prom and yes miss b is still in charge the only change is that rod staples is no longer the dj bbhahaha. love your guts
Brenda Boo

Megan Gubler said...

Cut It Cut It! I think you would look good. Looking at those pictures make me want to cut mine again:) You know me I change my hairstyle monthly.

Dan said...

Carrie Ann, you know I have absolutely no fashion sense but I kindof like the first two haircuts the best. I say do it. Always grows back.

Kristin said...

You have the best hair ever because it is so thick you can keep it long. It will grow back but you may want to try just cutting the bangs and then going more drastic. I need a haircut so bad but I don't know anyone who will cut my hair for $20. These days that is pretty much the limit. Maybe I will just wait another 4 months and up it to $40 and go to the salon.

Giving In Blogger said...

Hey Carrie, I'm still in Utah and just catching up on a few blogs. I think you would look darling with any of those, although I really liked #1. Bangs would look really becoming on you. I actually just had my sister-in-law cut my hair while I'm in Utah, and I got a few sweeper bangs. It's amazing how a little change like that can give your hair a whole new look. I say go for it. You will like it!

Lindsey from The R House said...

love the first pictures. DARLING!

also, i say screw the haircut and go for the tatt.